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Sustainable Growth.
Launching on Roatán


Launching on Roatán. Growing with Honduras

Roatán Próspera is breaking ground in 2020 on the north bay of the island. This Economic Development Hub will enable Honduran and global businesses to create and grow ventures in education, healthcare, tourism, aquaculture, and other industries — diversifying Roatán’s economy, developing job skills, increasing foreign direct investment, and creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Doing Business in Próspera

The governance institutions of Próspera have been carefully crafted to protect the environment, uphold human rights, and give entrepreneurs and enterprises the freedom and structure they need to grow profitably and sustainably in partnership with the people of Honduras.

Doing Business in Próspera

Homes in Roatán Próspera

Zaha Hadid Architects is designing the first residential units in Roatán Próspera. These dwellings will be unique not only in the innovation of their design but in the entire construction methodology, supply chain, and integration with the local community. Pre-sale reservations are available now.

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Our Partners

We’re partnering with innovators, experts, businesses, and local leaders who share our vision for sustainable, market-based growth.


Patrik Schumacher

Principal, Zaha Hadid Architects

Jeffrey Singer

Fmr. CEO, Dubai Int. Financial Center

Oliver Porter

Founder, Sandy Springs, GA

Jonathan Swanson

Co-Founder, Thumbtack

Shanker Singham

CEO of Competere

Paul Critchlow

Fmr. Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Advisory Team

Industry Partners

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