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Competitiveness promises the first ZEDE in Roatán

After three years of planning, the project for the first ZEDE, Roatán Prospera, was announced.

May 25, 2020

This is indicated by the executives of Roatán Próspera, who announced the project with the promise that it will bring a diversification and strengthening of the economy with the creation of new jobs in sectors of health care, education, technological innovation and tourism.

Erick Brimen, CEO of Próspera, told D&N that they estimate an investment in the first five years of the first phase of the project of 500 million dollars (12.5 billion lempiras) and generate 10,000 jobs. Brimen announced that the works for the first building of the project will begin once the emergency in the country due to Covid-19 passes or at the end of this year 2020. He also guaranteed that 90% of the employees hired will be Honduran and will also take the Honduran labor law as a reference.

However, wages and social benefits will be 10% higher in order to give better compensation to workers. When consulting on the sovereignty conflicts that have historically haunted the initiatives for the creation of the ZEDE in Honduras, Brimen explains that the project is not a country in another country, but is framed in national legal norms. He also says that he is a volunteer for companies and workers who want to invest and work in him. “Sovereignty is not in question. This is a Honduran project, the legal framework is Honduran and the process that has been followed is anchored in the decisions made by the National Congress and the competent authorities, ”said Erick Brimen.

Source: La Prensa