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Honduras Digital Challenge and Honduras Próspera bring growth for innovators in Roatán

February 27, 2021

Three days after the end of registration for the Honduras Digital Challenge, it is appropriate to make a final call to people with a technology startup to register and opt for the possibility of receiving funding for their ideas.

Honduras Próspera Inc. has partnered with the Honduras Digital Challenge (HDC) program to advance its mission of connecting talented islanders with opportunities for professional and personal growth. The HDC program is holding its fifth edition this year, which has as its theme: "The Digital Transformation for the Economic Recovery of the Country".

This innovative project includes workshops, mentoring, conferences and networking for the participating teams, and seed capital for the finalists. Próspera joins other renowned companies in the area of ​​economic development such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as other partners to make this program possible.

The areas in which people can register until February 28, 2021 are: 1) Business Software, 2) Medical Technology, 3) Agrotechnology, 4) Electronic Commerce & Fintech, 5) Education, 6) Civic Technology (Digital oriented solutions to public sector problems) and 7) Green Technology (Products and services that directly or indirectly generate a benefit to the environment, reducing or eliminating the effects caused by global warming). José Luis Moncada, coordinator of the Honduras Digital Challenge, expressed being happy to have the support of a company like Honduras Prospera, committed to promoting all people who seek to reach their maximum potential.

Próspera catalyzes economic opportunity through prosperity hubs, established on a single legal and regulatory framework, designed to stimulate economic development, employment, and prosperity in Honduras.

Honduras Digital Challenge is an initiative that provides the necessary tools and support for those who want to develop as professionals, especially in the area of ​​technology. Interested persons can register at until February 28, 2021.

Source: Diario Roatán