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Mayor of a Free City - Podcast Interview with Jorge Colindres

Jorge Colindres is a lawyer, business consultant, and public policy analyst. He is currently acting as Technical Secretary of Próspera ZEDE, a Special Economic Zone in the Republic of Honduras with the status of an autonomous municipality, a common-law legal system, a policy of low taxes and free trade, and an independent financial supervision regime. In this episode we go into Jorge’s role at Próspera which is similar to that of a Mayor in a traditional municipality. We also hear his opinions on the idea of ZEDEs… Honduras's so called Zones of Employment and Economic Development, which he considers to be the world's most advanced form of these kind of special zones. We also discuss tourism and the problems of political instability and the idea of ZEDEs as a response to this instability as well as whether governments could ever shut down Próspera. We talk about the most compelling arguments against ZEDEs and how they manifest in Honduras and whether Europe is a good place for this kind of free cities model. Jorge finishes with some timeless advice for anyone wishing to replicate their model of governance and he describes how he sees the future of Próspera over the long term.

December 30, 2022