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Working in Próspera - Podcast Interview with Ricardo Gonzalez

Timothy Allen talks to Ricardo González. Ricardo is an executive member at Honduras Próspera on the island of Roatán in Honduras. He is an experienced Honduran attorney with a background in business development, start-up incorporation, counselling to mid to small-sized organizations, operation management, and mentorship. He got his Masters in Law (LLM) at Penn State University with a concentration in Corporate Law and Practice. Prior to studying full time at Penn State Law, Ricardo was the Chief Operations Officer at Bufete Corporativo de Emprendimiento e Innovación, a Honduran law firm primarily focused on providing legal services to entrepreneurs in tech, social and traditional industries, working closely with the founders and giving advice on legal aspects of business operations. He also served as a legal mentor in startup programs such as Honduras Digital Challenge, Founder Institute, and the Entrepreneurship HUB at the Technological University of Central America (UNITEC) where he is a frequent guest speaker. Previously he worked as a Research Assistant at Fundacion Eleutera, a Honduran think tank that is dedicated to influencing public policy reform or proposals to make the lives of citizens more prosperous, practical, and free.

December 2, 2022