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Roatán's Zede promises more than 10,000 jobs

The execution of the work under the law of the zede began on May 6.

October 6, 2020

A multipurpose complex being built on 58 acres in Roatán, distant from the Crawfish Rock area, seeks to be the platform to catalyze economic development opportunities.Roatán Prospera is the first economic development center built on the Prosperous Platform, which institutes key controls of the governmental power, a bill of rights that protects people of all income levels and a simple structure for doing business, according to the premise of its executives.

“Roatán is an attractive place for entrepreneurs and corporations to locate their businesses and create jobs. Its port facilities, proximity to shipping lanes, direct access to flights to and from key cities in the United States, and well-developed tourism economy, not to mention its impressive natural beauty, "said Erick Brimen, CEO of Próspera in an interview. to LA PRENSA newspaper.

Source: Diario La Prensa