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"ZEDE" promises to invest $ 500 million in Roatán

It is in the initial phase and involves health and education projects.

June 3, 2020

The "Roatán Prospera" project promises to install a Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) in the Bay Islands, with millionaire investments in the health, education, agriculture and research sectors in the medium term. The project is in the initial phase, according to the Sampedran investors, who promise to co-invest around 500 million dollars together with US, German and Guatemalan capital.

Among the works to be built is a hospital aimed at medical tourism in partnership with the Technische Universitát Múnchen (TUM) of Germany, with the vision of a center for education and innovation. The academic programs will be interdisciplinary, as well as an applied research and development agenda to create a new standard for higher education and innovation in Honduras with regional scope, according to investors' plans.

"ZEDE" promises to invest $ 500 million in Roatán

Among the plans is the construction of an integrated campus for lifelong learning that will include vocational training in sectors such as hospitality and agriculture that will provide immediate benefits to the economy of Roatán, they assure in the information portals. "The Roots High School" is another of the projects they hope to host in this "Special Development Zone", with an innovative high school, American autonomous in the state of Utah. The center will integrate high-quality education through the teaching of sustainable agricultural practices, transforming students into farmers and entrepreneurs who will contribute to Roatan's economy. This ambitious project includes the architecture firm "LAVA", with offices in Sydney, Australia; Shanghai, China; and Berlin, Germany, which has decided to open a studio in Prosperous Roatán. The plan encompasses La Ceiba with the project "InSITE BAVARIA: Honduras Prospera" with experience in planning, developing and operating a single manufacturing, logistics and supply chain center on land. (JB).

Source: La Tribuna