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Former Top Officials of U.S. Homeland Security, FDIC, DIFC, and CNBS Join Próspera Financial Services Authority and FinTech Accelerator

“Roatán International Financial Center” to be Overseen by “Dream Team” of International Experts and Financial Regulators

April 8, 2022

Próspera ZEDE, an enhanced Special Economic Zone located on the Island of Roatán in the Western Caribbean and the Northern Corridor of Honduras, announced today that the regulation of its cutting-edge, crypto-friendly Roatán International Financial Center (RIFC) will be overseen by top experts in financial regulation, services, and law enforcement. The RIFC’s participation in the global cryptocurrency marketplace, which was nearly $2 Trillion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $30 Trillion by 2027, will be safe for Hondurans and the world.

Specifically, Próspera’s governing “Roatán Financial Services Authority” will be headed by:

  • Mr. José Luis Moncada, former President of the Honduran National Commission on Banks & Insurance (CNBS);
  • Dr. Riddhi Sohan Dasgupta, J.D., Ph.D., former Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Homeland Security;
  • Mr. Alexander Rolfe, former Senior Resolution Planning Specialist, U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); and
  • Mr. Chirag Shah, former Chief Strategy Officer for the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

“High integrity oversight will undoubtedly empower Próspera’s Roatán International Financial Center to support a powerful array of new financial institutions and services, including the region’s first FinTech Incubator,” predicted DIFC founder Chirag Shah.

Former FDIC regulator Alexander Rolfe agreed, stating, “I am excited to bring my background in U.S prudential, resolution and cross-border bank and financial regulation to Próspera; but applied in a manner that is more efficient, predictable, and customized to the modern financial system. Próspera RIFC is the opportunity for regulatory ‘tabula rasa’ or ‘clean slate.’”

“Próspera’s financial ‘Dream Team’ will ensure the jurisdiction is characterized by responsible innovation—with the integrity expected of international best practices and in full compliance with world-class KYC and Anti-Money Laundering standards,” observed Erick A. Brimen, CEO of the Promoter and Organizer of Prospera ZEDE, Honduras Próspera Inc. (a Delaware Corp.).

Próspera’s governance platform enables the full spectrum of financial services to be delivered without unnecessary friction, from Bitcoin Bonds, to fund investment, to everyday banking. In so doing, Próspera aims to break through the financial barriers that stop international investors, local governments, regional businesses, and local residents from securing and deploying the resources they need to pursue their dreams, and to create prosperity.

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