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Honduras Próspera, Inc reiterates its commitment to Próspera ZEDE

Continued investment expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs

May 5, 2022

U.S. investor Honduras Próspera, Inc. has demonstrated and hereby reiterates its longstanding commitment to the development of Honduras. Since 2018, Honduras Próspera has invested significant resources in Honduras and made Próspera ZEDE a strong platform for economic development. The company remains committed to the successful development of Próspera, even as the Republic of Honduras is taking steps to repeal aspects of the legal framework for special economic development zones (ZEDEs), in view of Honduras’s commitments of legal stability for investors.

When investing in Honduras, Honduras Próspera, Inc. relied on specific legal stability guarantees from Honduras that the rights and authorities provided by the ZEDE legal framework would remain in effect as to Próspera for many decades. Honduras Próspera respects the sovereignty of Honduras and its right to change its laws, but expects Honduras to respect its commitments under legal stability agreements and international treaties, consistent with President’s Castro recent assurances to the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment of the United States that Honduras would guarantee legal security to attract foreign investment.

Honduras Próspera, Inc. embraces the shared principle that Hondurans should be empowered to control their own destiny and reach their true potential. The company affirms its commitment to continue current cooperation and discussions with Honduran officials, while underscoring at all times its rights under legal stability agreements and international treaties. Honduras Próspera looks forward to a productive dialogue that will demonstrate to the world that Honduras welcomes serious investors to promote economic growth and development.