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Honduras Próspera Continues to Seek Good Faith Dialogue

Reiterates its willingness to meet with the Government of Honduras

November 3, 2022

U.S. investor Honduras Próspera Inc. invested in Honduras because it believes in Honduras. This country has the ingredients for a thriving prosperous economy and is in a privileged position to become an economic leader in the Americas, particularly seizing the opportunity to become a nearshoring hub.

Prosperity requires cooperation. Honduras Próspera wishes to continue its partnership with the Government and People of Honduras to bring jobs, healthcare, education, world-class infrastructure, and hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign direct investment to Honduras.

Prosperity requires the rule of law and security, as do all serious investors. Honduras Próspera has specific guarantees from Honduras that the ZEDE legal framework will remain in effect as to Próspera ZEDE for many decades. Honduras Próspera expects that Honduras will honor its commitments.

Prosperity requires dialogue. For months, Honduras Próspera has sent the Government of Honduras numerous letters requesting meetings to consult and negotiate. The Government has not replied. Honduras Próspera continues to believe that a constructive dialogue is possible and solutions are achievable. To that end, it has continued to request meetings and that the Government show a commitment to engage in good faith discussions.

Honduras Próspera has been very clear. It has been – and continues to be – open to resolving the dispute amicably. A solution allowing Honduras Próspera to continue to develop its platform for bringing hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign investment into Honduras and creating opportunities, jobs, and beautiful affordable housing for Hondurans is in everyone’s best interest.

Honduras Próspera continues to believe in Honduras and sincerely hopes that the Government enables Próspera to become an important partner to the administration in realizing its vision for a more prosperous Honduras. The Government has the choice between paying billions of dollars in international claims or honoring the rule of law and positioning Honduras and its People for prosperity for decades to come.

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