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Honduras Próspera Inc. Rejects Misinformation about Próspera ZEDE

February 27, 2023

February 27, 2023 - In recent days, a Honduran government official has sought to mislead the public as to the existence and legality of Próspera ZEDE, in an effort to sow doubts as to the origins of the significant investment by Honduras Próspera Inc. in Honduras. These assertions are baseless and are contradicted by the facts and Honduras’ own prior actions.

Próspera ZEDE was incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the law. The National Congress expressly included the areas that are now known as Próspera ZEDE in the ZEDE regime in the Honduran Constitution and the ZEDE Organic Law. Honduras’ Comité de Adopción de Mejores Prácticas authorized the initial incorporation of the lands comprising Próspera ZEDE, and subsequently has continued to authorize the incorporation of land into the ZEDE, including as recently as last year.

As a result, Honduras Próspera Inc. has been able to make significant investments in Próspera ZEDE, including building the tallest mixed-use tower on the Island of Roatán, attracting more than 100 registered businesses from around the world, including financial, robotic manufacturing, transportation, health care, and educational businesses, and creating directly and indirectly thousands of well-paying Honduran jobs. In doing so, Honduras Próspera Inc. and Próspera ZEDE worked for many years with various officials at the national and local level, as well as with Honduras’s judicial, legislative, customs, immigration, property registry, and tax authorities, all of whom repeatedly confirmed Próspera ZEDE’s legal existence through their official actions. Billions of dollars of nearshoring investments and incentives are being directed toward the region. For Honduras to be considered an appropriate destination it must recognize and enforce the rule of law.

Only recently, after Honduras Próspera Inc. commenced an international arbitration at the World Bank in Washington DC to vindicate its legal rights, did a Honduran government official start questioning Próspera ZEDE’s legal existence. The spreading of misinformation suggests that this official is worried about the merits of Honduras Próspera Inc.’s claims.

Honduras Próspera continues to hope that cooler heads will prevail and there will be support for finding an amicable solution. We remain open to discussions following international best practices, the importance of which is only underscored by recent events.