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Próspera Announces Bitcoin Bond Authority in the First Crypto-Friendly Jurisdiction that is Fully AML-KYC Compliant

Crypto-friendly jurisdiction allows Bitcoin to operate as legal tender and Bitcoin bonds issuance with world class AML-KYC standards

April 7, 2022

Próspera ZEDE, an enhanced Special Economic Zone legally similar to Hong Kong (SAR) and located on the Island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean and the Northern Corridor of Honduras, announced today that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies effectively operate as legal tender within its jurisdiction.

The Próspera ZEDE also announced that municipalities, local governments, and international firms can issue Bitcoin Bonds from the Próspera ZEDE jurisdiction with world class KYC and AML standards, creating a new and accessible tool for attracting FDI and driving economic development in Honduras.

The announcement positions Próspera as one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for financial innovation and investment. In Próspera, Bitcoin can be used as a form of payment for individuals and businesses. Unlike most other jurisdictions, transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not subject to capital gains taxes. Próspera also accepts payment of taxes and fees using Bitcoin and enables residents to build crypto-focused businesses using an optimal regulatory framework of their choice, all undergirded by world-class AML and KYC standards to ensure worldwide regulatory compliance.

Starting today, the Próspera jurisdiction can enable municipalities in Honduras to issue Bitcoin Bonds to attract foreign direct investment directly to where it is needed most. Non-US companies and other political subdivisions from around the world can also issue Bitcoin Bonds through Próspera’s innovative regulatory system. In all cases, Bitcoin Bonds issued through Próspera will comply with world-class standards for AML and KYC.

The Promoter and Organizer of Prospera ZEDE, Honduras Próspera Inc. (a Delaware Corp.) is currently accepting investment in a Security Token Convertible Note Offering, which is now live on the Securitize platform. Accredited investors worldwide can invest in the companies building Próspera in total compliance with US legal and regulatory standards, and receive equity in the form of a Security token. Próspera’s flexible regulatory framework enables crypto-innovation and the use of Bitcoin by residents, businesses, and governments.

By enabling Bitcoin Bonds to be issued by municipalities and local governments, in full compliance with world-class KYC and AML standards, Próspera is enabling local communities to have direct access to growing cryptocurrency global marketplace, which was nearly $2 Trillion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $30 Trillion by 2027.

This new form of foreign direct investment, combined with Próspera’s services, can help transform impoverished communities into flouring centers of innovation and prosperity.

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