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Próspera will invest an additional $60 million in Honduras

Funds will be allocated into real estate infrastructure in order to host more business operations

April 18, 2022

Honduras Próspera Inc (HPI) has raised an additional $60 million dollars, which will be fully invested in Honduras, in turn creating immediate jobs in construction and building the foundations for a long-lasting and sustainable future.

Most of these new investments will create the world class physical infrastructure required for new businesses to flourish in Roatán Próspera. These new spaces combined with the Próspera Platform’s business friendly environment will enable far more foreign direct investment into Honduras. This in turn will create additional jobs in different sectors, fulfilling the aspirations of transforming Roatan from a tourism-based economy to an international zone for innovation, finance, and entrepreneurship.

In total, over 27,000 square meters of new construction will be built, creating over 600 new construction jobs and over 300 new knowledge economy jobs. These new mixed use spaces will use state of the art architecture techniques that blend together the beauty of nature and sea in Roatán, with world-class sophisticated residential, retail and office spaces. Local materials and providers will also be used as much as possible, creating business opportunities for small suppliers in Honduras.

Investors and residents inside Roatán Próspera will also enjoy the world’s best legal, regulatory and fiscal ecosystem to do business; while guaranteeing the highest level of protection of human, labor, investor and property rights and of the environment.

HPI is already building the first vertical development along with Apolo Group, which is scheduled to be inaugurated by the end of this year. More than half of the spaces in that development have already been presold.

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