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Island Homes
Integrating Island Culture

Ownership in the Próspera Community.

Zaha Hadid Architects, with support from AKT II and Hilson Moran Partnership have crafted an architectural and technological platform to create and curate residential developments that can prosper socially and ecologically. The platform is a specific response to the climate, terrain and environment of Roatán. It embodies the lifestyle choices on the island and enables the inhabitants of the residences to turn them into their personalized homes.

Pictured: Draft render by Zaha Hadid Architects of public space layout

Economically Sustainable

A plan for local materials, sustainably sourced.

The first residential units on Roatán Próspera are a case study in local sustainability and global integration. Combining the most advanced modular construction techniques with sustainably-sourced local materials, the design and planning for the first dwellings in Próspera is a tangible example of the dramatic shift in development methodologies taking place around the world. The people of neighboring settlements will take part in construction and management and part of the purchase of each residence goes toward the construction of a sister residence in the neighboring community.

Draft Renders by Zaha Hadid Architects

Draft Renders by Zaha Hadid Architects

Roatán Próspera rethinks the whole design and conventional delivery approach to development, starting from understanding the local supply chain, logistics, energy and economical aspects as a basis to engage technologically-curious, ecologically-minded, entrepreneurial building contractors. Local labor and methods are engaged for construction methodologies and logistics of supply, procurement, and assembly in Roatán.

Environmentally Integrated

An integrated expression of natural beauty and resources.

Curate Your Home

Customize your residence according to your needs and preferences. Personalize your home to your lifestyle and tastes using an online configurator. A preview of the configurator is available for those interested in reserving a residence.

Environmentally Integrated

The design envisions integrated performance, where extensions of the roof system can turn into shading devices and pre-determined holes in the panels will allow for natural ventilation and internal thermal comfort enhancements. Within the structural system, insulation and integrated services can be pre-assembled to reduce build-ups and increase the environmental performance of the envelope, providing structural, thermal and acoustic performance within one build-up.

Culturally Inclusive

Profitable Operation Partnered with Local Community

Próspera is working with one of the world’s top hotel operators with plans to operate these homes as a boutique hotel and is working to ensure that every detail of operation, management, and service draws guests into a more sustainable and authentic relationship with the Island of Roatán and its people.

Because of the special regulatory structure within Próspera, initial construction can proceed in a more timely and cost effective manner and owners are subject to a much lower tax and regulatory burden translating into greater potential.

Próspera is integrating the people of the neighboring community by training locals in the sourcing, construction and management of the residences, and contributing to education, sanitation, and running water. Additionally, Próspera is matching each new ZHA-designed residence with a sister residency for a nearby community — a modern, modular, expandable dwelling — allowing the prosperity of our neighbors to grow along with that of Próspera.

Draft Renders of Sister Residences

Join the Roatán Próspera Community!

Limited pre-sale reservations are available to qualified buyers.