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An Island Hub
for Sustainable Development


Locally Focused. Globally Integrated

Roatán Próspera is the first Economic Development Hub built on the Prospera Platform. Breaking ground in 2020, this hub enables a new model for economic development that is locally sustainable and globally integrated on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Roatán Próspera offers new opportunities for growth in Honduras to businesses and individuals. Pre-sale reservations are available now for the first residential units .


Island of Roatán —

Accessible Location

Over 500M people can access Roatán with a direct or single-layover flight through Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and other Airports.


EN and ES


83 sq km

Current Population



154 km

Annual Visitor


Primary Currency



Roatán has a tropical climate with average annual temperatures of 28C (82.4F) and 77% humidity. It is outside the hurricane corridor, having a rate of one hurricane every 26 years.


The estimated population of Roatán is 50,000+. Currently, only 10% of the island is populated. The remaining 90% is forests and jungle areas. The islanders who have called Roatan home for generations are of African, British, and Indigenous descent.


Roatán has two main hospitals, one public and one private. CEMESA Hospital is the primary health provider in the Bay Islands. Additionally, there are two clinics in Bonacca Key and Savannah Bight.


Roatán has 68 education centers (35 pre-primary, 20 primary and 13 secondary centers). The island also has 18 bilingual centers.


Roatán has one International airport and a maritime terminal with a ferry system connecting the island with La Ceiba on the mainland. It also has two cruise ship docks.

Homes in Roatán Próspera

Zaha Hadid Architects is designing the first residential units in Roatán Próspera. These dwellings will be unique not only in the innovation of their design but in the entire construction methodology, supply chain, and integration with the local community. Pre-sale reservations are available now.

See the First Próspera Residences


Opportunities for Entrepreneurship,
Enterprise, and Investment


Roatán is already a world-class tourist destination, boasting some of the most beautiful real estate in the Caribbean. Roatán Próspera enables businesses in this sector to register more easily, break ground more quickly, operate more profitably, and integrate more fully with local culture.

Low, simple tax structure for construction and operation

Fast, inexpensive building permitting and corporate registration

Improved security and administration

Mortgage financing for qualified buyers

Clear and fair property rights enforcement

Regulatory provisions for preserving local access


The global market for medical tourism was $53.7 Billion in 2017 and is growing at a CAGR of 12.9%. With a modern regulatory structure optimized for healthcare, Roatán Próspera is poised for leadership in this growing industry.

Pre-approval of all medical devices, procedures, and pharmaceuticals that have gained approval in Honduras, the United States, and 20+ OECD countries

Ability for businesses operating within Próspera to adopt the regulatory requirements of any OECD country or propose new regulatory requirements for their industry


Roatán Próspera brings together the best of Honduran and regional educational institutions with institutions of higher learning from around the world. Roatán Próspera’s unique legal standing enables these institutions to operate within Honduras simply and easily.

Gives promising Honduran students access to the world’s best education

Enables international students to experience Honduras

Master Plan

A Phased Plan
for Sustainable Economic Growth.

Próspera Village

Próspera Village is an initial 58 acre footprint dedicated to the first homes, entrepreneurial training, and business acceleration in Roatán Próspera. This land has been transferred into the Próspera ZEDE (Zone of Economic Development and Employment) and is ready for development.

And Beyond...

Connecting to more Próspera Hubs in Honduras

Roatán Próspera is the first of many anticipated Economic Development Hubs in Honduras. The Roatán hub is focused on industries best suited to the culture and characteristics of the island. In the same way, additional hubs developed throughout Honduras will grow utilizing the unique capabilities and resources in each location. Additionally, since Próspera hubs throughout Honduras will share the same development platform , businesses and individuals will be able to benefit from the diverse strengths of each location under a common regulatory framework.

Access Próspera Resource Center

Explore the Details of Growing Profitably and Sustainably in Próspera.